Group Facilitation

Time Requirement: Two Days 

Group Facilitation focuses on leading small groups. Core teachings include how to plan groups, how to facilitate and lead them and, of equal importance, how to close them and follow up. Basic areas of learning include the stages of how groups develop; how to work effectively within them; what are the strategic leading skills; and what are the key member roles within the group (and how do you monitor and facilitate these different member roles). In addition to leading to enhanced leadership and facilitation of the group, these learnings are helpful in identifying and managing the hindering dynamics that can occur in a group, including those that may challenge the group leader or even threaten to derail the group. 


Group Facilitation

Time Requirement: Two & a Half Days 

Advanced Group Facilitation focuses on the group therapeutic process. Many clinicians are trained in individual counselling and psychotherapy but they are not trained in facilitating therapeutic groups. This client-centred training is the introduction to the group therapeutic process and how to facilitate and promote group member change and growth. Introductory reading is provided beforehand to provide background on the theories and models of the group therapeutic process, while additional learning is undertaken through watching video as well as observing actual sessions, both of which present the opportunity to learn group leading skills from professional leaders. Advanced Group Facilitation aims to develop core facilitator roles, competencies and responsibilities in order to stimulate change. Prominent theoretical frameworks integrated in this level include Yalom’s Interpersonal Model of Group Psychotherapy, Perls’ Gestalt Therapy, and Wallen’s Model of Communication.

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This project was developed in partnership with the BC/Yukon Command of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Poppy Fund.