Level IV: Therapeutic Enactment

M.A., Carson Kivari

Time: September 6th - 8th, 2019

Location: UBC Vancouver Campus 

Registration: Closed

Instructor: M.A.,Carson Kivari and Dr. Paul Whitehead

Dr. Paul Whitehead

Incorporating Dr. Buchanan’s trauma research work, LEVEL 4 focuses on learning about trauma theory and the foundations of a group-based intervention called Therapeutic Enactment (TE). TE is a group- and action-based technique for repairing pre-existing traumas or trauma-related injuries. Clinicians will learn how to screen members into a group; they will learn leader roles; and they will learn approaches to facilitate and co-facilitate TE in groups (co-facilitation is a highly effective approach that sees two leaders backing each other). 


Selected participants will also have an opportunity to experience a “Mini Therapeutic Enactment” tailor-made for themselves. To prepare for this level participants will be expected to have completed a Level II: Life Review or equivalent, and will be required to draw on their own life experiences in order to participate and to design a meaningful TE experience. This level, therefore, offers clinicians a therapeutic benefit because they will be able to integrate back into their own lives a somewhat less traumatic reaction to something that happened to them. “Clinicians cannot deliver this therapy to others,” says Dr. Westwood, “unless they understand the process as lived.”


To ensure that you meet the prerequisite for Level IV, a pre-screen interview with one of the facilitating clinicians will be required prior to registration.


Training includes of:

  • 3 full days of training with Dr. Paul Whitehead, R.Psych, & Carson Kivari, RCC.

  • Resources and preparatory material 

  • Catering: breakfast, lunch & coffee breaks 


*Discounted accommodation available on UBC Campus if needed - Request upon registration.

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This project was developed in partnership with the BC/Yukon Command of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Poppy Fund.